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Workparties restarted on 5th October 2013

The main workparties started again on Saturday October 5th and will continue throughout the autumn and winter into 2014. A weekly email newsheet is sent out confirming whether the workparty is on (weather dependant) and outlining the work planned for that week. They are run from 10am to 12 noon each Saturday, meet at the lay-by on the Corehampton Road. If you do not receive the newsheet and would like to, please send your name and email address via the contact email address.

The original plan was to focus on support of the silt excavation work (which is planning permission and grant dependent). Unfortunately planning permission has still not been received and so we have reluctantly had to postpone the silt excavation until late summer 2014. There is however plenty of other work to do which is outlined below.

The overall plan for this autumn/winter includes:

1. Cut back the new growth around the periphery, tree branches
and brambles that are approaching the path.

2. In the lay-by area, mark out an area for wild flowers that does
not get cut by the grass contractors and plant more bulbs.

3. Cut back the Willow regrowth in the pond area, this has been quite
vigorous this summer - probably a result of the hot sunny weather

4. Clear some of the area near the Winchester road seat

5. Put up the remaining bird boxes made by the cubs

6. Remove some of the Reed Mace which is encroaching on the
pilot hole (it still contains water)

7. Continue painting railings

8. Continuing litter collection

There may be other items to add once we get going on the work.

Workparties continued during Spring 2013

Workparties were held each Saturday morning (weather permitting) completing in mid-May. There was also a 1-off work party during the summer to tidy up the lay-by area.

Although the water level was high during the Spring and work could not be carried out within the pond, there was plenty of work around the periphery

Main areas of the work plan for the Spring were:

1. Further work in the lay-by area :
- Some additional clearing
- Bonfire to burn material cut back previously
- Clean the original seat
- Plants additional bulbs and small trees

2. Check the sluice for debris, clear if necessary:
- This is a regular activity to ensure that the sluice does not become blocked

3. Litter pick:
This (unfortunately) is also a regular weekly activity. Main areas are:
- The plastic bags which get blown into the pond from the recycling in Budgens carpark
- Rubbish thrown from the footbridge (chip papers, plastic drinks bottles, etc)
- Litter dropped, or thrown from cars, around the pond periphery
- Containers of engine oil put over the fence at the end of the Lower Lane carpark
- Cardboard boxes, etc. thrown into the pond

4. Area near the Winchester Road sluice:
- Build the base for the new seat by the sluice
- Install the new seat sponsored by the BW Parish Council
- Clean and repaint the railings by the sluice (both sides of the road)

5.Pond periphery:
- Cut back branches and scrub around the periphery which is growing out towards the pavements - Clean up the seat by the roundabout
- Cut back turf overgrowing the pavement from the pond area




The main contacts are:

Alan Inder (Chairman): 01489 894051

Eric Birbeck: 01489 896649

Barry Jerome: 01489 894137

David Mclean (Work Parties): 01489 891911

or email to: 

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