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Work Parties restarted Saturday 11th October 2014 and are continuing throughout the autumn and winter into Spring 2015.

The plan for this autumn/winter includes:

1. Clear new growth along the length of the channel.

2. Cut up the rest of the poplar tree which came down in the Spring storms. Move the heap of branches that we were not able to shred into the pond area and burn it.

3. Cut back the Willow regrowth in the pond area, this has been quite vigorous. There is also the growth which we also did not manage to cut back last winter before the water returned.

4. Prune any excess growth along the Corehampton/Winchester road paths. Cut back grass growing over the path edge. Clear growth around the hedging plants.

5. Cut back plant growth in the area where the dredging will be done. Because the water stayed all summer we were not able to create the area of permanent water this autumn. It will definitely happen next year, if necessary by using a different approach to the dredging.

6. Continuing litter collection

There may be other items to add once we get going on the work./

If you can attend then please call David Mclean or Barry Jerome who organise the work parties (see 'contacts' on the home page) to add your name to the volunteer list, or just turn up on the day.

Work parties are scheduled weekly and an email is sent out to volunteers with the plans for the following Saturday. If bad weather is expected then the workparty may be cancelled. They are morning work parties starting at 10am for 2 to 2.5 hours. Meet at the Corhampton Road lay-by at 10am.

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The main contacts are:

Alan Inder (Chairman): 01489 894051

Eric Birbeck: 01489 896649

Barry Jerome: 01489 894137

David Mclean (Work Parties): 01489 891911

or email to: 

info contact